When I read that a girl twerking caught on fire, it all seemed too perfect — in the world of the internet, that is. Afterall, twerking has somehow become the mainstream dance trend of the moment and anything involving an accident (like falling) and fire (see: Sweet Brown) is the perfect candidate for a viral internet clip. The fire twerker was too good an internet moment to be true, and that’s because it wasn’t.

As it turns out, the fire twerker was a hoax created by Jimmy Kimmel and team. The woman in the video, Daphne Avalon, actually does stunts for a living and the video was filmed months ago, before the nation became obsessed with twerking.

“We didn’t send it to any TV station, we didn’t tweet it,” Kimmel said. “We just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen.”

Magic is an understatement. The video has been viewed over 9 million times on YouTube.

Let the magic happen indeed–the video got over 9 million hits in a week. We’re just glad the girl got a check.

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  • Beautiful Mic

    *eye roll*

  • It’s kind of sad that nothing seems real anymore. It seems like you have to question every video online. I saw this video two days ago. I read the comments and one person pointed out that they thought this video was fake because of how she fell through the glass table and wasn’t cut. That got me thinking this probably wasn’t real either. It’s still funny.

  • Josh

    “Hopefully put an end to twerking forever”

    That line bothers the hell out of me. Does twerking start and end when white people pick it up then ignore it again?

  • BeanBean

    I think it’s hilarious that Jimmy Kemmel was able to create a ‘viral video’ so easily. It proves that anyone can get views on youtube. It was cool how she was a professional and it was staged by a tv personality. She’s a good stunt woman. You couldn’t pay me to fall through a glass table and catch myself on fire.

  • Mr. Man

    It’s officially my Internet skepticism has just risen 10 fold.