Karamba Diaby, a Senegal-born chemist, has become Germany’s first black federal lawmaker, and a woman of Turkish origin has become the first Muslim elected to Parliament from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative partyStarting Sept. 9, the Behavioral Health Services at Bradford Regional Medical Center located in Central Pennsylvania will attempt to help people with Internet addiction.  Their 10-day session, created by addiction experts,  will allow patients to detox from their internet dependency., officials said Monday.

Until now there were no black lawmakers in Parliament, despite more than 500,000 people of recent African origin believed to be living in Germany.

“My election into the German Parliament is of historical importance,” said Karamba Diaby, 51, who moved to the city of Halle in 1986 after receiving a scholarship to study in communist East Germany.

Diaby, who gained German citizenship in 2001, said his priority would be to promote equal opportunities in education. “Every child born in Germany should have the chance to be successful in school regardless of their social background or the income of their parents,” he said.



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  • nononsense57

    Congratulations to Mr. Diaby. I wish him success in his role in the German Parliament.

  • aedivine

    congrats! I really loved living in Germany! I felt so at home with the German people,they were so welcoming and nice to a lonely African-American girl who could barely order a sandwich xD

  • Germany is awesome. Germany is home. I lived there half my life. It was still kinda rough for black people back in the 90s when I was a kid but before I left two years ago I saw a bunch of kids on the playground and they were black, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arab, Asian, all sorts of stuff. There’s still a lot of racism in Germany, especially in eastern Germany, but it’s nothing like the historical, systematic, institutionalized racism in America. When I’m in Germany I might have to deal with some ignorant people but at least I don’t have to worry about getting shot for “looking suspicious” or going to jail for 15+ years on some bullshit charge. Definitely plan on moving back in the near future.