In a 217-210 vote, the House of Representatives voted to cut $4 billion, or 5%, from the food stamps program, which is currently used by one in seven U.S. citizens. House conservatives decided that the food stamp program was too fat and plans on putting all of those greedy, lobster buying  food stamp recipients on a diet (sarcasm). Led by Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), took away nearly $4 billion from the $80 billion-a-year program.

One can only wonder where that $4 billion will go if the bill passes the Senate. War. Helping other countries. Congressional salaries.

Conservatives are also the first to scream about the “fraud” issue facing food stamps. Before you start to scream, “BUST THE FRAUDING BASTARDS”,  the majority of food-stamp fraud is made by supermarkets“trafficking” in the food stamps. Beneficiaries intentionally ripping off the taxpayers account for perhaps 1 percent of payments.

Hopefully Cantor will never go hungry or need government assistance. I mean, technically the taxpayers are already assisting him with his $193,400 a year salary.

“This bill is designed to give people a hand when they need it most,” Cantor said on the floor just before the bill passed. “And most people don’t choose to be on food stamps. Most people want a job … They want what we want.”

A job? Well ironically conservatives ruined that concept a long time ago. Maybe they forgot about the recession and the unemployment numbers that exist.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the bill is a “full assault on the health and economic security of millions of families.”  White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that House Republicans are attempting to “literally take food out of the mouths of hungry Americans in order to, again, achieve some ideological goal.”

The measure has little chance of advancing in the Senate, and Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat of Michigan and the chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, called it “a monumental waste of time.”

More useful government spending.

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  • diasporauk

    Just wanna say, that I think all the comments in this discussion have been first class . . . even the ones regurgitating the usual anti-welfare canards.

    Take out the term “food stamps” and I wouldn’t know whether I was reading a discussion being had by people in the UK or the US.

    That’s proof of a coordinated political and ideological attack on the welfare system by the elites in both countries.

    Nothing to do with saving money or tackling welfare fraud.

    By portraying benefits as being so generous they encourage slothfulness, they give themselves the excuse to cut and keep cutting till welfare is gone.

    That’s ultimately what they want . . . to roll back all the rights and protections the masses have acquired over the decades and force us ALL into sweat shops, so we’re “competitive” with the sweat shop labour force in China, India etc . .


    . . . and they may just succeed because so many are stricken with a false consciousness engineered by the divide and rule, “us against them” tactics deployed against the masses by the elites.

    Check it

    Their biggest targets are people who earn good wages, in jobs with good benefits. You’re the ones they wanna cut down to (sweat shop) size, most of all.

    Get a clue man.

  • Really?!

    I’m all for US citizens being helped especially if it means providing a nutritious meal. Everyone deserves that. But, I would be a liar if I said that it doesn’t “burn me up” when I see someone paying for their T-bone steaks, crab legs, etc. with an EBT card. Meanwhile, I’m behind them with the budget groceries. Something just isn’t right about that. I know people that get $1500 a month in food stamps! A month!! Really?!

  • Amura


    i completely feel you!
    I see the comments that folks are mad that they are selling the stamps for cash but think about it. i have no job, no “real income”, so how can i get my kids school uniform, shoes, school supplies? i sell my stamps to pay for it, because it is extra. i know how to shop frugal for my family. (no i have no kids and am not on stamps)
    this is the main reason people sell stamps. because you still need other items. i have yet to decide how i feel about the whole situation. i’m just adding another reason for selling stamps. for some odd reason all people think about is drug usage.