Nina Davuluri, 24, of Fayetteville, NY, became the first contestant of Indian heritage and the second consecutive contestant from New York to win the Miss America pageant Sunday night.

“I haven’t even had time to get emotional,” said a still shellshocked Davuluri, 24, after being crowned in Atlantic City. “I haven’t even had time to speak to my parents yet.”


Davuluri won over the crowd with a traditional Bollywood dance, and plans on promoting diversity during her reign as Miss America.

“I’m most excited to promote my platform, I was the first Indian Miss New York and I’m so proud to be the first Indian Miss America,” she said tearfully.

Not everyone was happy with Davuluri’s win. By everyone, I’m talking about the racists who always find a way to out themselves via social media.  Since most racists have smaller IQs, they couldn’t differentiate between an Indian, Arab or Muslim.




Keyboards just have a way of bringing out the racist in everyone. Gotta love America.

But a harsh reality is that Miss America, would never be Miss India.  They’re about as messed up when it comes to colorism as other people are.  A former coworker always discussed how her darker Indian family members were discriminated against, and even her own mother warned her to keep her daughter out of the sun so she wouldn’t get dark.  She also used to joke about the Fair & Lovely skin lightening commercials that permeate the airwaves in India.  Coincidentally, Fair & Lovely is a product of Unilever, who also makes Dove.

As Lakshmi Chaudhry, sarcastically but truthfully, wrote on First Post, “That gorgeous chocolate may play as exotic in the West, but in India, we prefer our beauty queens strictly vanilla — preferably accessorised with blue contact lenses.”  Anna John also expressed the similar sentiments about the effects of colorism in India:


In any event, congratulations to Nina Davuluri, haters and racists are gonna hate, but wear your crown proudly.

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  • The RealKay

    Wow. I read about this this morning and once again I tried to be surprised, but found I wasn’t very. Instead, I actually felt bad that scores of people were showing the world how ignorant we were by 1) not even knowing basic geography (she’s Indian American, born in the states, and is not Arab) as most people couldn’t even point out India or Israel on a map 2) that they feel that she’s not a real American when we’re so quick to point out how “We’re not really racist.” So White=American and everything else is “other”? *smdh* She did a great job, and she’s pretty so we should sit back and let these racists whine and show us how they REALLY feel.

  • Adorkable

    Tweets like the ones above show how “smart” racists are. Hinduism and Islam are two ENTIRELY different religions, Islam has one favored god and Hinduism has many gods. Indians are from India while Arabs are from the Arabian Peninsula. Any idiot can turn what they read in any holy book into their own perspective and justify hurting innocent people because of it. She was born and raised in the United States, hence she is an American. I would like to ask the racists, what does an American look like? If they really want to get ridiculously technical, what about a Native American Miss America? Or would they be angry about that as well?


    I am an Indian Gorkha (nepali speaking Indian) so I have my own share of racism (even in India) so I know what the Indian Americans feel about these racist comments.

    but my question is:-