There’s a joke usually directed towards vegans.

Question: How do you know a person is a vegan?

Answer: Because they’ll tell you.

Recently I came to realize that same joke can be directed towards Atheists.

Question: How do you know a person is an Atheist?

Answer: Because they’ll usually tell you. Followed by calling “god”, “dog, as well as trying to dispute your beliefs all within a 10 minute conversation.

Growing up I attended Baptist, Pentecostal and Non-Denominational churches but I’m not the most religious person, but I’m also not Agnostic or Atheist.  I have my beliefs and tend to keep those to myself.

I have several friends who are Atheists and will give D.L. Hughley a run for his money. Although we share differences of opinions, I don’t feel the need to ridicule them for their decisions. Unfortunately a few of the Atheists I’ve recently come across have been quite outspoken when it comes to belittling believers. Not to be confused with “Beliebers”. They deserve to be belittled. It seems as though some Atheists still find it hard to believe that  everyone doesn’t think the way they do.  Every conversation is always a challenge of beliefs.

“Well if your “dog” actually exists, then why is there suffering in the world?”

First of all, dog?  I can’t count how many times an Atheist has felt the need to refer to God as “dog”. I get it, you’re spelling it backwards, kudos for you. But it just makes you look immature.  It’s these types of Atheists that drive me crazy.

I truly get it, Atheists.  You’re free to believe or not believe in whatever you want, but why is it necessary to come off like a pompous jerk?  The easiest way not to get people to hear your argument is when you try to invalidate theirs.  Just as your lack of belief system is important to you, someone’s religious beliefs could be equally important to them. There’s truly no need to be an asshole about it.  If you respect my beliefs, I’ll respect your lack of beliefs. It’s truly that simple.

I’m also not trying to single out Atheists. Fanatics come in all shapes, sizes and denominations. For every mention of  “Atheists” in this post, change it to whatever religion you feel appropriate.  Because I also know some asshole Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, and Christians.

What you believe or don’t believe doesn’t affect how I live or pray.

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  • bdsista

    I get the authors point and I am a Christian whose parents were not particularly religious and interestingly became very religious but I think balanced. Quiet as its kept, Muslims also proselytise like Christians do, but most people don’t think negatively about them in the same way. There is hypocrisy in all people regardless of faith, so that the hypocrisy even when coupled with scriptures or religious comments I think should be attributed to that person and not to that person’s faith. Most religions do not teach that, but people themselves are flawed. the last time I encountered a religious jerk was in my home and he was Wiccan/Pantheist and I told him if he could not respect me in my own house he could get the hell out. He apologised. Regardless of your belief, I do agree with the writer that you can respect people and unfortunately, I’m one of those flawed Christians who will cuss you if you disrespect me and anything about me including my faith in Jesus. But my actions demonstrate my faith. If you are abused, I will take you in, I will feed and clothe you, I will forgive you if you hurt me, I think being Christian is more about about what you do for others than what you say (sometimes).

    • Oh Really?

      Quiet as its kept, Muslims also proselytise like Christians do, but most people don’t think negatively about them.

      Ummm… Does “convert or die” ring a bell? Islam and Christianity has had its fangs removed due to Western values and America’s cultural relativism due to its secular government and immigrant tradition, but you can very easily be beaten to death for being a Protestant instead of a Catholic or beheaded for being a Shiite instead of a Sunni, or any other faith other than Islam in 2013.

      This isn’t just happening in third world countries but in the so called civilized first world Western countries. The UK is a perfect example of this.

  • C

    In my opinion, no one deserves to be belittled or disrespected. You lose credibility when you resort to labeling others and name calling. When you claim that you respect the beliefs of others as long as they respect your beliefs it seems disingenuous. I don’t believe that limiting communication and conversation is the most productive goal. That seems counterproductive to the dialog that would improve relationships and change opinions. Intolerance and judgment do not serve anyone as we are not in the position to judge others. Respectfully, there are many spiritual and religious paths that people identify with. There are many different paths that people identify with whether they are religious, non religious or spiritual. Whatever your religious affiliations and beliefs may be, as adults thankfully we have a choice. What we can do to make a positive change in this world is to practice respect for ourselves and for others. There is so much that we can potentially learn from each other. If you are firm in your beliefs then the distractions and opinions that you notice should never disturb your foundation. Be the change that you want to see in the world. If you sincerely want to see compassion and love in the world then use your platform to show and tell.

  • FLMG

    Being belittled…being told you’re going to hell…same thing

    • Oh Really?

      I don’t think Christians realize how cruel, hateful, and disgusting telling someone they’re going to hell is.

      Because I was born in a different geopolitical place, time, culture, and religious tradition, I deserve to burn alive and be tortured forever, even if my only “sin” is ignorance.

      You don’t pass go. You don’t collect $200. Nothing. Eternal damnation. And you wonder why the Catholic and Mormon church has to PAY for advertisements. Meanwhile, attendance in the black church has been on a steady decline and more and more Americans identify as having no religious preference, agnostic, or atheist.

      I will take one step further and say that there is nothing tangible that religion has to offer and any good things that churches do can be achieved by purely secular means.

      People don’t need Jesus or Allah to donate to charity, volunteer their time and energy for their community, treat others with respect, and have compassion for their fellow human being. In fact, these faith systems explicitly instruct its followers to DISRESPECT those who don’t believe the same as they do.

      On another side note, it is religious people who give themselves pretentious status and titles and demand respect for nothing.

      You don’t gain respect for simply existing. You earn respect by what you can DO for other people. Now I understand why so many people cling to it. You can be as unproductive, uneducated, powerless and inconsequential in every other aspect of your life and wake up Sunday morning and suddenly everyone addresses you with an honorific.

      And they are the FIRST to judge and look down on other people.

      But if you take a cursory glance at them they run and hide behind their BS shield of infallibility or make up fake bible verses like “Only God can judge me.” That’s not even in the Bible…It’s embarrassing that most atheists in America (who were most likely former Christians) know way more about your religion and the Bible than the average Christian.

      And this is the majority. If you’re claiming that you’re the pure faithful minority, then its your responsibility to clean up your own house. No one is going to take you seriously when everyone can see you defending all of these hypocrites on the same team as you.

    • Marie

      My thoughts exactly. I have been saying the same things for pretty much the last decade of my life. It is hard to be to get around this subject when it comes to black family members though… or even coworkers.

      I am so disappointed in the judgement that the churchgoers pass. I believe that we are all here as a human race to love one another and treat people the way YOU would wanted to be treated. That to me is the baseline of human relationships throughout life’s journey.

      I would also like to mention that I HATE HATE HATE when people have a negative opinion on sexual orientation!!!! I get so confused when a Christian says that a gay or lesbian person is going to hell and disowns them (mainly their own parents and family). If you love someone, isn’t it suppose to be unconditional? You turn your back on your own flesh and blood over how they choose to have sex. Something you don’t even have to be in the room to witness! As far as I am concerned, some heterosexual relationships should be banned… as abusive and deceptive as they can be.
      Sorry for my rant. I am heterosexual, but that topic always disturbs me.. especially as a minority. As minorities, we have slowly been dispersed rights, I would think that we would have empathy on other types of minorities.

  • Oh Really?

    I’m an atheist, but I don’t waste time arguing with theists. It’s a pointless waste of time. My major problems with theists comes when they make decisions about reality that affect other people.

    Ask the millions of people in Africa that die from aids because the Catholic church says condoms are evil.

    Ask the children who die everyday in this country because their parents decided prayer was a better choice than the hospital.

    Ask the Indonesian schoolgirls who are going to be forced to submit to a virginity test as we speak before moving on to the next grade.

    When it spills over into national politics, it has a detrimental effect on EVERYONE.

    Global warming doesn’t exist according to some idiot senator who decided to pull his bible out in the middle of a committee meeting.

    Evolution is a lie. Now lets waste taxpayers dollars building creationism museums and forming organizations lobbying to keep this propaganda circulating in the public consciousness. Let’s also create BS textbooks to lie, and miseducate children. Who pays for it without their consent? The taxpayer.

    All of these disgusting abortion laws are due to religious people forcing their ridiculous ideas on everyone else. Never mind Roe v Wade. Although there is no explicit prohibition of abortion in the bible, religious people still see no problem forcing their way into millions of women’s wombs every day.

    Now, what do atheists do that actually has an effect on others?…..Exactly.

    That’s atheists’ gripe with theists. Believe what ever you want. Just stop insisting that what you believe is the truth, and stop cramming it down other people’s throats. And if you’re going to promote your own agenda, USE YOUR OWN MONEY!! Leave atheists and people of different religious faiths alone.

    • Ax

      I didn’t bother to read your whole comment. Your line about the catholic church affecting the distribution of condoms in Africa is laughable. Yet again, another christian belittler. I’m no catholic, but I have been to africa, and I can tell you know that the lack of sex ed and condoms is caused by corrupt governments and poor economies. Not EVERYTHING should be blamed on the christians

    • David

      There is a difference between a christian and a fake christian. You pointed out a bunch of stuff that is not christian related… Aids are normally spread by same sex genders but just because catholics say condoms are evil doesn’t mean Africans has to believe them nor does it make the catholics who say that right.

      There are very few people who claim to be christian who think prayer is better then a hospital. A “REAL” Christian knows God provided doctors/hospitals with the tools and intelligence to help the human body. What you mention is a fake christian who is cheap and doesn’t know the first thing about the bible.

      The Indonesian schoolgirls … I have no clue what you are talking about but that has nothing to do with the christian belief.

      Global Warming is something Al Gore came up with that has been debunked. The reason for Global warming is because under water valcanoes in the artic are becoming more active melting the ice caps causing things to get warmer.

      Evoultion is a theory, it has never been proven. They say it takes millions of years for something to evolve which no one can ever say even in the past 10 generations can prove they witnessed. I could Go on and on about how evolution is only a theory but you can do the research yourself. The Bible and God has been taken outta schools and it God so bad that most schools don’t even allow the pledge of alligance anymore cause it has the Name God in it.. Yet us christian tax payers have to pay for evoultion among a ton of other things that we don’t agree with to be taught in school..

      Abortion is wrong rather you are religious or not. You are taking a life period.. That is murder.. that fact you see nothing wrong with that makes you an a immoral human being.

      Athetists have plenty of effect. Just like gays… There are more Straight people and Christians in this country then gays and atheists.. The reason Atheists Got God kicked outta school is cause they threw a bigger fit just like the gays wanting marriage rights. Athesists is the reason when society and this country is going to crap because you have no morals w/e so ever and the morals that used to get taught in school from the bible were taken away cause you didn’t want people believing in something you couldnt.

      Your last statement was very hypocritical.. You want us christians to stop saying God is real as the truth but yet you can’t telling people God isn’t real as your truth. Not one person in this world can comprehend or prove any facts on how everything was Created. The Big bang “THEORY” is a “THEORY” how can you preach that as the truth when it’s even called a “THEORY”? No one lived when that happened.. It also doesn’t explain that is the big bang theory did happened how did it happen. You need 3 things, Time , Space & Matter for something to come into existance..

      Anyways, You are free to believe in what you want but you and no one else in this world knows how everything started other then christians.

    • Bobby Ford

      Everything you described is the work of man and nature. Are you trying to insult theists? Because that sucked.