Kelly Rowland is vocal about her love for fitness, and the industry is finally taking notice. The singer, who has a fitness DVD alongside celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, landed the cover of Shape Magazine’s October issue.

Ms. Kelly Ro looks flawless in nothing but a midriff-baring top and bikini body. Inside the issue, the newly-named “X-Factor” judge talks “boobs, boys and boxing” (notice the absence of another “B” word – whew!).

She also shares the custom workout plan that helped tone her incredible body. She offers tips to get defined abs, arms and shoulders by doing a routine three times a week.

She tells the magazine: “Being fit makes me feel sexy. Isn’t that everyone’s goal when they work out, to look good naked?”

Indeed. Thanks for the motivation, Kelly.


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  • Kelly Rowland has an amazing body and this picture does not do her justice. That turtleneck is not flattering on her. You can pull up plenty of candid pics of Kelly on the beach looking amazing. Shape Magazine failed.

  • Velma

    Here newly found reasoning for showing more skin is really getting tired. There’s something more going on with her that will probably come out later…..it always does.

  • Rhonda L.

    For some reason, Kelly R. (like JHud) insists on wearing the cheapest, most raggedy looking wigs she can find. For me, it’s distracting and always takes away from whatever look she’s going for. I recall that Kelly wore a stunning dress on the red carpet a few months ago with a wig that looked like it was $20 and straight out the bag from the BSS. #Tragic.