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McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson says he lost 20 pounds by eating at McDonald’s. According to the Associated Press, his “McDiet” was just part of his plan for his dramatic weight loss. Thompson also spent more hours working out. However, he ate off the Golden Arches menu “every single day” and emphasized “balance” to shed pounds. At the recent  Clinton Global Initiative, Thompson McDonald’s is going to promote only water, milk or juice as the beverages that come with its Happy Meals, and promised to place nutritional messages on Happy Meal packaging for 20 of the chain’s largest world markets, to be fully implemented by 2020.

In an interview with ABC’s Betty Liu, Thompson discussed how he dropped the pounds, but not the Extra Value Meals.

“Some days I have a Southwest Salad. Some days, a Big Mac. Some days I have fries. I can’t give up fries. I’ll go extra on the treadmill, extra on the elliptical. It’s calories in, calories out. You have to watch what you’re putting in,” Thompson said.

Not everyone feels that a McDonald’s diet is a healthy option. Over the last several years, fasts food chains have come under fire for their fattening menu. But in response to the criticism McDonald’s have attempted to cut away the fat by adding more salads, fruit and smaller happy meals to their menus. Other chains have joined in as well. Recently Burger King announced lower fat fries, and although Wendy’s has one of the highest fat content burgers on its menu that closely resembles a heart attack waiting to happen, they also have lower calorie options available.

Do you think it’s possible that the McDonald’s CEO lost 20 pounds eating exclusively McDonald’s food?


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  • Me27

    It’s not just about calories in and calories out. It’s about eating nutritious food; and McDonald’s is not nutritious. Who cares how much weight you lose if your arteries are clogged with saturated fats; your sugar and sodium intake is too high, and the food you are eating doesn’t have enough of the vitamins you need to sustain a healthy life.

  • That’s funny, when I stopped eating at fast food restaurants, I stopped gaining weight.

  • Janey Danes

    The key here is moderation. It’s okay to eat, say Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, once in a while. But don’t eat it every day. Else, you’ll be adding serious pounds to your weight.