Twitter Fight Club: Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel

Last night someone must have peed in Kanye West’s cornflakes and told him it was breast milk because he decided to let it all hang out on Twitter, once again. By let it all hang out, I mean his keyboard took a beating as he was typing angrily to Jimmy Kimmel.

Let me set this up for you really quick. Kanye generated a lot of buzz after his recent BBC interview.  He talks about his greatness, some leather jogging pants, and music. That’s just the abridged version.  Then, late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel does what talk show hosts do. They poke fun at celebrities. Take a look at the video below:


Ok, so now that we have that out of the way.

Let’s read the latest Kanye rant via Twitter, start from the bottom and work your way up:



I’m quite surprised Kanye could actually find the time to make impeccable graphics.  A lot of people just assumed this was yet another Jimmy Kimmel joke, like the twerker chick who set herself on fire, but Kimmel assured everyone it wasn’t:

Here’s Kimmel’s reaction to Kanye’s rant, which was going on as he was taping his show:

Well there you have it folks, another Kanye meltdown. I’m quite sure we haven’t seen the last of them.


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  • Anthony

    Kanye must have been sheltered as a kid because he should have learned in elementary school that often the best way to handle teasing or bullying is to simply ignore it. Seriously Jimmy Kimmel has made fun of him, how is that going to actually hurt him? All he is doing is giving Kimmel power by responding.

    • tina l

      This whole episode made me think of some of the conflict resolution lessons I see when I watch the preschool channels like NickJr., Disney Jr, and Sprout with my little one. Perhaps Kanye will benefit when he starts watching preschooler programming with his own little one. Just the other day, I watched an episode of Little Bill where his grandma (Ruby Dee) counseled him to just say “so” and ignore the bully when the bully called him names because those shouldn’t matter to Little Bill.

  • chnyere

    it was a skit, but kanye didn’t catch that

  • jess

    apparently no one told him hes a father now, fix up, smdh