Jomiloju-300x187He’s a Nigerian. And he’s only 9-years-old.

Jomiloju Tunde-Oladipo recently became one of the world’s youngest certified Microsoft Office Specialists for Office Word 2010, the Nigerian Tribune reports.

Jomiloju, a primary student at Role Model School in Lagos, broke the record of a fellow Nigerian student Seyi-Ojo Anjolaoluwa who became a Microsoft certified professional at the age of 10. The young boy took the examination in his 5th year of primary school after receiving intensive trainings in school and passing all the preparatory stages for the test. Odio Oyakhire, the center manager in charge of the boy’s school, said that his firm “encourages pupils to learn ICT and get certified.”

Jomiloju scored 769 points on the exam — 69 points above the required score needed to receive certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist.

But this isn’t Jomiloju’s first tech achievement. He helped his school beat out 15 other schools in an ICT quiz competition in June.

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  • lea

    with all of this education reform in US , they need to go back to basics , to the motherland, what are they teaching these young minds back home? help our geniuses too, . congrats to him.

    • pinky

      The reality is that geniuses in the United States don’t really need the help. A child who is determined, disciplined, and focused will go far in the United States. The largest issue with educating low-income children in the United States is their behavior. You can pour all the money you want into a public school. If the children and their parents do not value education, nothing will become of that financial investment.

  • shay

    Go baby! Goooooooo!!!!!!

  • Proud of this child going be success engineering popular in African nations irrelevant upon theories. Need to encourage studies difference USA intimidation lack
    preparation failure to support HBCU