HBO's "Treme" Galactic and Big Sam call Delmond to the stage.

It seems as though the NYPD and several retailers have issues with black shoppers. First Barneys and now Macys. According to a lawsuit, cops allegedly targeted Rob Brown, 29, who starred in “Finding Forrester” and “Treme”. Brown says he was detained after buying a watch for his mother in Macy’s Herald Square.

The suit, which was filed on Friday, makes it the third shop-and-frisk lawsuit filed against the NYPD since May.

“You can’t let injustice roll like that,” the Amherst College grad told The Post, adding that the cops made him miss his mom’s college graduation. I’ll never get that time back. My mother was walking across the stage looking for me.”

Just like the previous Barney shoppers, Brown was detained after making the purchase with his credit card.

Brown says he was illegally searched by undercover detectives near the Sunglass Hut inside Macy’s after he bought his mom a $1,000 Movado watch on June 8.

“Police officers ran up to him, arrested him, and then kept him in a jail cell in Macy’s,” Elefterakis said.

After handing over his ID, Brown “was told that his identification was false and that he could not ­afford to make such an expensive purchase,” says his suit, filed in Manhattan ­Supreme Court. Brown was detained by cops for more than an hour and released without being charged, the suit says.

Brown’s attorney, Nicholas Elefterakis, said “it’s an epidemic. It’s unbelievable.”

Macy’s released a statement in response to the allegations:

Macy’s takes very seriously the accusations made by Mr. Robert Brown. The allegations are especially concerning given that our company does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, including racial profiling. We are reaching out to Mr. Brown so we can better understand the situation.

Since being made aware of Mr. Brown’s lawsuit late Friday, Macy’s has begun a thorough investigation of the events related to the incident on June 8, 2013, which are the basis for the lawsuit.

The initial findings of our investigation include the following:

Macy’s personnel were not involved in Mr. Brown’s detention or questioning. This was an operation of the New York City Police Department.

We have no record of authorities being summoned to the Sunglass Hut department or other portions of the store based on the purchases made by Mr. Brown. Macy’s procedures would have required a store associate to alert Macy’s Loss Prevention department of any suspicious activity. There were no such reports.

Macy’s permitted the New York City Police Department, at its request, to use a room in the Macy’s Herald Square store in relation to its detention of Mr. Brown, but Macy’s personnel were not involved.

Our company will continue to investigate all aspects of our alleged involvement in this incident, and to cooperate fully with the courts and the New York City Police Department, with which we have a close and important working relationship.

If Macy’s policies are found to have been violated, we will take swift and decisive action.

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  • Mr. Man

    I’m so confused, Macy’s is saying they had nothing to do with it, yet NYPD made the arrest based on a credit card purchase which is done by a Macys employee. Was NYPD working Macy’s security that day? did they go behind the counter and run a check on his card? How in the world???? I worked department store loss prevention for two years and I’m very familiar with policy and procedures as they drilled it into our heads, and this just has me all kinds of confused. Obviously we don’t have all the facts.

    • Joan

      Macy’s has everything to do with it. They must think we are so stupid that we won’t question or pursue anything…many of us don’t, myself included. It’s so easy to say that it wasn’t a Macy’s employee when obviously, the police department is working right along with them. So then when they do profile someone and get called on it, Macy’s can say, “It wasn’t us, it was the police!” How convenient. This [email protected] makes me not even want to watch the parade on Thanksgiving. LOL.

      There’s a part of me that feels that we should just stop going to certain stores that treat us badly. But then there is a part of me that feels they want to make black shoppers’ experiences so unpleasant that we will not want to shop in any store. (Our ancestors built this country; we should be able to go anywhere we want.) There are certain stores (like Barney’s) that will survive, whether we shop there or not. They would really rather that we did not shop there. We are doing Barney’s a huge favor by not shopping there because most of their customers (supposedly worth $3 million a year) would rather not see us in the store. Then, there are stores (like the Korean owned beauty supply stores) that will die if we all stopped going in for a week. If black folks stopped buying hair and sneakers for two weeks, it could change the world. LMBO.

  • Tsaun

    The sad part is while they are harassing innocent black folks, white folks are robbing them blind! Smh.

    • Joan

      They would rather not offend a potential white thief than treat a black shopper with respect.