The things people do with their money.

A Kendallville, Indiana news crew received a hat tip that a video billboard depicting President Obama as Hitler was on display. The billboard in question was located in the Cornerstone Plaza in Kendallville, IN.

“The first thing I thought of with that little mustache of Hitler, I didn’t like it,” said Billy Wright, of Kendallville. The sign not only sparked outrage from local towns people, but also on Facebook.

obama as hitler00000000_1381799392847_3537653_ver1.0_640_480 obama impeach sign00000000_1381799429142_3537654_ver1.0_640_480 obama sign00000000_1381799445885_3537657_ver1.0_640_480“It’s too bad because it does mark the businesses and the town,”said one Facebook commenter.Even the mayor of Kendallville was upset. Mayor Suzanne Handshoe said she was inundated with phone calls about the sign and it’s not the picture she wants painted about the town.”All the hard work that we put forward as a community to change our image, to be a positive, growing community, and then a sign like this appears. It just undoes everything we’ve been doing,” said Mayor Handshoe.The sign was made possible by the LaRouchePac. LaRouchePac is a political action committee created by Lyndon LaRouche. He has run for president multiple times but served jail time in 1988 for mail fraud.

The billboard was eventually taken down, but not because of the outrage. It was removed because it’s time had expired. 

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