Beyonce seems to have staying in shape and dressing for your body type down to a science. She spoke with Very Magazine about exercising, a healthy body image and figuring out which clothes work for your shape.

“When I’m on tour I dance two hours a night, so I don’t need to work out. When I’m not on the road I try to work out regularly. I run about two-and-a-half miles on the treadmill and I have a trainer. But it’s sexier when it doesn’t look like you go to the gym,” she said. Does she mean sweaty post-gym paparazzi pictures aren’t sexy or that beefed-up muscles fall in the unsexy category? Or should we all just look like our bodies became toned magically and not through exercise, dedication and hard work?

She does advocate body confidence, however, saying: “Confidence makes a woman sexy. Women should not get caught up in someone else’s definition of beauty. We are too obsessed with what a perfect nose is, or perfect hair, but there is nothing more beautiful than loving yourself and being confident.”

And for Beyonce, a healthy body image goes hand-in-hand with dressing for your figure. “I try to accentuate my waist,” she said. “I know things that are too loose underneath my hips are not good, because I look really boxy. Plunging necks look good on me. My legs are curved and look longer in straight leg jeans. Tops either have to be short to show off my midriff, or long. I can’t do in between.”

We all may not have Beyonce’s hourglass figure, but the benefit of building confidence in ourselves and dressing for our body types is universal. At the same time, we’re a bit confused about the gym comment. What do you think of Beyonce’s perspective on body image?


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