You know what pisses me off? The color nude when it comes to shoes and stockings.  My skin color is a little bit on the lighter side of brown, but not exactly dark brown and either way, nude shoes just don’t cut it for me. Out of the 200+ shoes in my closet, with a couple Louboutin’s thrown in the mix, there is not one shade of  nude brown that perfectly matches my skin tone.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only brown girl with this problem.   But Christian Louboutin has heard our woes.  Well probably not, but found a new way to earn millions.  Not only will the shoes match various shades of browns and tans, but they will also make your legs appear longer.

According to The Daily Mail:

Five classic Louboutin styles have been re-imagined in five shades ranging from a fair blush to rich chestnut, which aim to ‘closely match the color of a customer’s skin tone’.  ‘They disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette,’ said Mr Louboutin.  Christian Louboutin is introducing a capsule collection of heels that promises to elongate your legs by matching the color of your skin. ‘The shoes are there to give the woman an extra lift, not to take attention away from the legs and what she is wearing,’ he added.

In order to find your match, there will be a Louboutin Shades app which will allow a person to take a photo of their foot and match a shade of nude to their skin tone. Now if that’s not genius, I don’t know what is. The Nude Collection will hit Louboutin boutiques later this month.


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