While many of you were watching Scandal, I was rod setting my hair and looking over my Blue Apron meals for next week.  I did what I told myself I wouldn’t do and glanced at my Facebook stream and quickly tossed my tablet once I saw all of the Scandal talk.

But, I will say this. I came across a gif image from the show and it’s pretty much the best one I’ve seen yet.


Also, a special thanks to my friend for telling me the meaning behind the name “gladiators”.

Clutchettes, what did you think about the season premiere of Scandal?


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  • So you liked the gif without watching the show and seeing the context? Although that scene was well acted it felt awful watching! This powerful, confident, successful woman was humiliated, shamed, and called “mediocre” by her own father! It was the most torn down Olivia has ever been on the show! That’s like cheering when the hero get’s beaten up and left for dead. Well he didn’t keep her down for long and our hero got right back up!

    • Phillygurl

      You are correct it was very well acted. I almost cringed a couple of times. He basically reduced her to a quivering child. It makes for some good TV because it is clear Liv has daddy issues and now we know why. But did you catch where he almost had a loving moment after he read her for filth. I hope they delve deeper into their relationship.

  • RJ

    I haven’t watched the premiere yet. I always watch on Friday on Hulu Plus (less commericals) and I rewatched last season on Netflix to see where we left off.

    This show holds my attention in the same way that 24 used to. My god, Jack Bauer and his man purse were a thing of beauty.

    The pull for me is the idea of Power and that sometimes people cross the line in order to obtain and maintain power and sometimes for the good of the country.

    I do not make a big deal about the sex and the affair because we all know that people live messy lives.

    I love the show but I do not feel the need to tweet and facebook about it. I watch it in my own space and enjoy it. No muss, no fuss. LOL

  • Ask_Me

    I have to give it to the actress who portrays Mellie. She did her thing last night. I can’t help but love the character Mellie…even though I’m team Olivia/Fitz. There were so many good scenes last night. I can’t wait for next week.