Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got engaged last night, and it was as subtle as you’d expect from the twosome. Kanye West rented out San Francisco’s AT&T Park (where he’s performing tonight) to pop the question on Kim’s 33rd birthday.

“PLEEEEASE MARRY MEEE” flashed across the jumbotron while a 50 person orchestra played Lana Del Ray’s “Young And Beautiful” from “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack (the lyrics are: “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?”).

Finally, Neyo and Keri Hilson appeared to perform “Knock You Down,” which features a verse from Kanye West that was rumored to be about Kim Kardashian.

And that’s not all: fireworks exploded at the end of the performances before Kim was given a 15-carat ring in front of her family and close friends.

This will be Kim’s third marriage. Maybe the third time’s the charm! Congratulations to the couple.


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  • @ Word, I know I’m coming in late for this conversation but here it goes..
    I realize that what looks like some kind of white women worshiping thing going on, is actually a black men trying to make a point about the dislike for a white women of her caliber who loves black men. I have to disagree though, I feel that is part of the reason; definitely feel that she is liked upon as having black man fetish. The reason why people dislike her is because she is considered a attention seeking fame whore with no talent, that is, if you go by what is said in print, on blogs, and the comment sections, Her being with black men is not the major reason though I personally feel that it is part of the dislike for her. There are people who feel that it is intriguing that she likes black men but her being whit black men is not the major reason for the dislike. By the way I do agree with you that she can get a quality white man as partner, She is young, good-looking , rich and famous, there are white men who will date her.

    This conversation reminds me of a script a black women wrote in a comment section about a year ago. She said she was in a bar and over heard two black men talking, during the conversation one said to the other, If I had to pick between KK and Michell Obama, I would choose KK any day! She was puzzled and outraged by this comment and as a black women I was confused too, until a friend who I went to lunch with explained it to me. She said,” that they would have to step up and put work in to get a Michelle type”. On the other hand, KK is the ultimate black men fantasy, exotic with a curvy body so, if he could get her hands on her ……

  • Mama Sunshine

    Come on, ya’ll…if Kim wants to marry Kanye’s crazy ass, more power too her. Let’s not loose too much sleep over it.

  • What I think

    The truth is that most women wouldn’t even give a guy who looks like Kanye a second glance. He is not an attractive man at all. Not the face or the body. I imagine that he was one of those completely looked over guys who had to do something to get some attention. Just look at most of the rappers out now. I mean REALLY look at them. Not many LL or Common types anymore. Its mostly Lil Wayne, and Kanye types, or the morbidly obese rappers who are a few seconds away from a heart attack.

  • bulletproof

    Kim Kardashian with the assistance of black men like Ye helps promote white supremacy. This is the SOLE reason the media has shoved her down America’s throats for so long.Just because she is Armenian or whatever don’t think it isn’t true. They now have resorted to using a White Armenian and a fake down for the cause rapper like Kanye to keep the jig up because its obviously on it’s last leg. And that is a fact despite last ditch efforts of “black” people like Kanye. Do you think 20 years ago this story would have been reported all over mainstream media?

  • i bet if white people stopped seeing her as trash and as a woman “accepted” into white society, she would drop them black celebs as quick as she could blink. the only reason she’s dating and hanging out with black celebrities is because the white ones have rejected her. years ago, she and paris hilton used to be friends along with nicole ritchie. i’m not sure what happened with paris and kim, but i remember paris and nicole falling out because paris said some racist things to her (i think). as for kanye, in the beginning i was indifferent about him. i started disliking him when he referred to biracial women as mutts.

    • Dee D

      Not really. Kim has been dating black men for a loooong time. During the Hilton years she was with Ray Jay and before that there was Nick Cannon. Maybe that is simply what she is attracted to.