Mia McKenzie

Mia McKenzieThe Philadelphian author creates depth in a new black narrative, a level of complexity that is often lacking from most black titles. Her fiction novel follows the Delaneys, an isolated family that struggles to deal with their psychological issues after a tragic event occurs. The book is filled with twists and turns and according to Yolo Akili, a contributor for the Huffington Post, it will arouse questions of sexuality, gender and spirituality within the reader.

Akili recently interviewed McKenzie about her new book. The author shared how her identity as a black woman influenced the novel’s creation:

“Intersections matter a lot. I’m queer, black, and a woman. I’m also someone who was raised working class. Someone who was raised being told I was smart and talented by my family. Someone who was teased for being ugly by my schoolmates. Someone who went to college, studied abroad, lived in many different cities. Someone who reads a lot of books. All of those things helped create the consciousness I currently exist within. It comes, not just from identity, but from experiences. And, yes, I do think it helps me to see things that someone else might not be able to see, or to consider something that someone else might not be able to consider.”

The book won a 2013 Lambda Literary Award for debut Fiction. You can learn more about the title here.


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