On the heels of the Barneys racial-profiling news, a petition has surfaced on Change.org asking “Shawn Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z” to end all partnerships with Barneys New York.

The petition’s creator, Derick Bowers, writes, “We can no longer tolerate blatant prejudice and discrimination. It is clear that the minority buying power is devalued by some. We must withdraw support to those who will not support us.   I’ve been a lifelong Jay Z fan. Jay Z is currently in partnership with Barneys New York for the release of his holiday collection — called “A New York Holiday” (or BNY SCC). Barneys lacks any connection with the black and hip-hop community. And without his vast wealth and brand power, they would see him the same as they see Trayon Christian. Jay Z should be appalled by Barneys actions, and withdraw all support from them. If he does this, he will send a clear message to all corporations that are likeminded, that this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer. Please join me in calling on Jay Z to withdraw his support from Barneys New York because of this discrimination.”

Bowers company, Adversitees, also designed an anti-Barneys t-shirt for those who want to publicly make a statement:

The shirt’s description reads:

Discrimination can no longer be tolerated. Hate and fear will no longer be tolerated. We must withdraw support from those who will not support us. All profits from this sale will be donated to The Boys and Girls Club of America. This is our response. As Kanye so elegantly put it.. “F**k you and your corporation.”

It’s not only random black people getting profiled at Barneys.  It even happens to one of the most famous faces in modeling history. PIX 11 news happened to catch up with supermodeldude Tyson Beckford as he was leaving the store.


Beckford said, “I might have the most recognizable face in the world.  I still get followed all the time any time I go to a store.  It’s sad.”

He said that he regrets that “even though we have a black president,” young men of color have to assume they’ll be more closely watched in retail establishments.  ”And it’s not just here,” Beckford told PIX11 News, it’s even at discount stores, he said.

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