Portuguese Coach ExpelledA Portuguese coach has been expelled after making remarks that were considered an insult to the country of Mozambique, BBC News reports.

Last month, Diamantino Miranda was reportedly recorded calling Mozambicans “a bunch of thieves” following a disputed refereeing decision that cost his team the game.

“All here are thieves. You are all a bunch of thieves, you and other journalists can be bought off with a bowl of soup. This country is not serious,” he was recorded saying.

Miranda, who is Portuguese, apologized for the statements at a press conference after the comments were made public and his expulsion was announced. He claimed that he did not realize he was talking to a journalist and that his statement shad been recorded. At the press conference, which was organized by one of Mozambique’s largest teams Costa do Sol, Miranda mentioned how special Mozambicans are to him.

“I hope that the truth will be restored and that one day I will return to Mozambique.”

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