Racist Behavior May Spark Boycott of World Cup Games by Black Players

Alleged disrespect and derogatory behavior in Russia may cause the 2018 World Cup to lose players of color.

Yaya Touré, a midfielder from the Ivory Coast that know plays for Manchester City, England, has warned Russia that if the racism doesn’t stop he and other players of color will boycott the games. Touré recently had to endure monkey chants from Russian fans during a match against CSKA Moscow this past week, the Daily Mail reported.

“It is a real problem here, something that happens all the time, and of course they need to sort it out before the World Cup,” he said. “Otherwise, if we are not confident coming to the World Cup in Russia, we don’t come.”

CSKA officials are singing a different tune, denying any claims of racism against Touré. After reviewing a tape of the game in question, the organization said that they found nothing but fans booing in attempt to put pressure on the home team’s opponents. CSKA striker and fellow Ivory Coast player, Seydou Doumbia also maintained that there was a lack of racism.

“I didn’t hear anything like that from the CSKA fans,” the Daily Mail reported him saying.

Despite CSKA’s denial of the incident, the UEFA Champions League said Thursday that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against them “for the racist behavior of their fans and for setting off fireworks”. Manchester City also stated that they have written a complaint about the incident to the UEFA.

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  • Lola

    Blacks people not welcome, gay people not welcome. Russia should never have been chosen for the winter Olympic games and for the football world cup but once again money made the decision – not common sense.

  • Anthony

    Boycotts are tough because athletes have short careers and the World Cup comes once every four years, but black footballers have literally put their feet down and demand basic decency. The kind of crap that goes on at soccer games would have been bad manners for white people in Mississippi in 1967, let alone anywhere in the USA today.

  • kneegrowplease

    It’s funny when black men who only date white women and are disgusted by black women, are quick to cry racism. Majority of professional black soccer players are color struck, but get mad when white people are lol. Most of them will wife up a Russian racist white woman.

  • LAmaethon

    Racism is very common in Russian society. Not only do they hate black people but Caucasians as well. Literally everyone who doesn’t look white enough for them is “black”. For example they call Georgians black (which are just another Caucasian ethnicity, not darker than any Italian or Spaniard. Though the fact that they aren’t Slavs make them “black” in Russians’ eyes). The problem goes deeper then just stadium chants though. They have whole skinhead organizations operating in Capital and other cities, covered by police forces who do nothing even if they see skinheads beating someone at the broad daylight in front of them in the streets. Many members of Russian parliament are openly racist and known for financing such organizations. But money rules the world, so of course Russia still got Olympics and World Cup (when England and Spain were denied)