The GrioRacial disparities continue to drive the mass incarceration of people of color according to a new report released by The Sentencing Project, which found that one in every threeblack men will go to prison in his lifetime.

The report indicates blacks face an implicit racial bias throughout the criminal justice system. They are more likely than whites to be stopped by police and arrested, they often have inferior representation in court, and further, they receive harsher sentences.

Even the life of a black victim proves less valuable than his white counterpart. The report notes substantially more offenders receive the death penalty for killing a white person than a black person, though victim counts average the same across races.

With every stage of the system ostensibly set up against African-Americans, communities and families fall suit to unnecessary forecasts, creating a vicious cycle many cannot break.

“Racism is exhibited in the practice – we are stopped more often, we are busted more often, we are sentenced longer, and as a result of the conviction history, we’re denied employment and a whole lot of other stuff more often,” Dorsey Nunn, Executive Director of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children in San Francisco, tells theGrio. “If you’re hunting for rabbits, and you occasionally shoot a pheasant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were hunting for pheasants. When I look at all the people of color getting locked up around the country, I can say they’re hunting for us.”

If policing and enforcement policies were applied evenhandedly, Nunn believes these numbers would change. Finding one criminal among the many innocent does not merit totalitarian monitoring of certain communities however, as his analogy suggests.

Nunn, an activist who previously served decades behind bars for felony murder, brings up drug policy as a testament to the disproportionate targeting of African-Americans.

“There’s a number of different studies that reflect that drug usage for black people is no different than white people, but when you look at the arrests and conviction rates, you would swear that black people get loaded every day, and they’re the only ones in the country doing them,” Nunn says.

Numbers speak volumes on racist practices

Data compiled by The Sentencing Project supports Nunn’s statements.

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  • Justus

    Look I don’t want to disparage anyone from their line of thinking, however just think about it. Either we are inherently violent by nature or there is a legitimate reason that black men and black women exhibit criminal behavior all over the Globe. Please this is for the victims that are classified as Black going for the easy targets. To solve our issues its going to take more than a get an education and pull up your pants campaign. Its going to take some critical thinking some sacrifices and compassion. I will leave u good ole black people with a quote from one of our ancestors.

    “It’s its a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others. ..One ever feels his twoness,-an American,a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warrings in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.”

    W.E.B. Du Bois
    “Souls of Black Folks” 1903

    • If you wanna say all blacks are inherently violent then you wanna expand that definition and say all humans are inherently violent. Other races are violent too even if they don’t act up in America…just do your research on the histories of different countries or their current situations.
      And an educated mind can cultivate a wisdom that can abhor violence. It’s not the only solution but a critical part of the solution especially in low income communities where a lot of crime occurs.

  • Joyous

    I would classify people who commit armed robbery with sawed off shotguns as thugs because thats what thugs do. Thats a pretty violent act. Thugs tend to specialize in violence. Apple, to answer your question, there are many countries outside of the U.S. that would offer just as high or even a greater quality of life for people than the U.S. The world is global.

  • joe

    The school-to-prison pipeline is not a myth. An eight years old black boy is MANY times more likely to be placed in special education classes than an eight years old white boy. He is also many times more likely to be prescribed a psychotropic drug for “behavior adjustment” than a young white boy. Before he reaches puberty, white America will view him as a dangerous predator whether his pants are sagging down to his knees or he is wearing his Sunday best. The criminal “justice” system is watching EVERY black boy from the moment he is born. I know many Clutch readers don’t want to hear these truths and are determined to demonize black males, regardless of their age or level of decency. That is shameful. To many of these readers, anyone trying to provide balance and perspective is a troll who is trying to “derail” a discussion. What they REALLY want is a forum where they can spread malicious and hateful propaganda without opposition.