Jim Wheeler

If some people had their way, slavery would have never been abolished. Nevada assemblyman Jim Wheeler didn’t outright say he was in favor of slavery but he admitted that if his constituents wanted it, well, he’d just go ahead and vote for it.

Wheeler’s exact comment was made at a Republican gathering in August and video recently surfaced on YouTube. Wheeler was speaking in reference to a June 2010 blog post from conservative activist, Chuck Muth, who wrote the following about him: “What if those citizens decided they want to, say, bring back slavery? Hey, if that’s what the citizens want, right Jim?” Jim told the audience at the August GOP meeting, his answer would be ‘Yes.’ He said: “If that’s what they wanted, I’d have to hold my nose … they’d probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah.”

Foot, meet mouth.

Republicans and Democrats have expressed disgust toward Wheeler’s comments. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval said: “He should retract his remarks and apologize.” Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson tweeted that Wheeler’s comments are “outrageous, embarrassing and sad.” “It’s time for Jim Wheeler to find a new line of work,” he added.

As for Wheeler, he claims that his comment was taken out of context and he is being unfairly characterized as a bigot. “Anyone who knows me knows that I could never vote for something like that,” he said, referencing slavery. “It’s disgusting. It’s beyond disgusting.” Right.

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  • BeanBean

    By slavery does he mean enslaving his primitive uncivilized supporters??? I’d support that. He and his kind keep showing that they are incapable of acting like civilized humans.

  • Belle

    “Anyone who knows me knows that I could never vote for something like that,” he said, referencing slavery. “It’s disgusting. It’s beyond disgusting.”

    Two seconds ago you said you’d vote for it if your constituents wanted you to.

    I’m surprised he didn’t say he had a black best friend.

  • This is why it is better to sometimes just keep twisted thoughts to yourself. Also, if your gonna be old and in power you better exercise wisdom….he is really ashaming the generation of older leaders.

  • miele

    Actually if the quote is direct from his mouth he said “probably have to hold a gun to my head” for him to sign it. So he isnt for it per se but as a representative of his area (?) He would hv to go with what they wanted. It’s obv taken out of context.

    • Tina

      Everyone gets the context. The sane adult answer would be no, there’s never a circumstance where enslaving other human beings would be appropriate.

  • I applaud him for his honesty, he represents the thinking of many white Americans who still consider black people especially as inferior and slavery as acceptable. There are a lot of us out here who get it twisted and seem to think we are far removed from that kind of thinking. The US was the only western nation where they had to actually have a war and thousands were killed in order to achieve the abolition of slavery. It has been nearlty a 150 years and folks still proudly fly the flag of the former slave holding states. If that does not reveal anything to folks in this country then a hard blow to the skull will probably not be effective either.

    Just check out ‘The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross’ with Henry Louis ‘Skip’ Gates Jr. on PBS and you will understand how virulent American slavery was compared to other places.

    • James Anthony

      ‘Rastaman’ I disagree with your statement, the so called war of ‘indeendence’ 1776 was nothing to do with the abolishing of enslavement, but rather the fact that the south was getting rich an dthe north wanted a piece of the action- that is a Historical FACT, the garbage puked out by the mass media and some illiterate Afrikans in the USA is frightening, no wonder Afrikans there are so backwards and ignorant( I live in the UK and am a student of Ourstory) Alkebulan( right name for Afrika and us as a people.. I srongly recommend that you watch Hidden Colours# part 1&2 Part 3 is in the pipeline. Enslavement is a major business in the USA and here i sthe TRUTH it is ‘Afrikans ‘ themselves who support this at this time, e.g. they do not shop with each other, they are simple consumers, they hate each other, sell drugs to each other yet seek to blame other races, eat out of every other nations dirty kitchens, wear all other nations fake/chemical treated hair , prostitutes such as Beyonce and pimps such as Jay Z continue to be promoted an daccepted by them, with the rest of the misognistic so called ‘celebreties’ are themselves self inflicted victims.. Going on marches dis not cannot solve anything, how can you want something but them have seek permission from your enemies to achieve it.. My brother its vital that we re-visit our books and check out the full facts, His Imperial Majesty stated ,’ its not the power , strength, determination of those who seek to undermine tht will succeed, but rather the weakness of our UNITY'( collective efforts)