Miriam Carey, the woman fatally shot after a high-speed car chase in D.C. last weekend, was fearing for her life, says her sisters who are spoke to Matt Lauer on TODAY.

“If you hear gun shots, it’s like, ‘I’m afraid. I don’t want to be here. I want to get out of here. I have a baby in a car,’” Valarie Carey told Matt Lauer Monday on TODAY. “My sister was fleeing. She was trying to figure out how to get out of there.”

Carey used her vehicle to crash through a White House barricade last week. People are still unsure as to why the incident happened.  During the chase, a police officer was allegedly hit by Carey. The chase ended when Carey was fatally shot, while her child was in the backseat was left uninjured.

Carey’s sisters confirmed that Miriam was being treated for postpartum depression, but said she was under doctor’s supervision and was in the process of being taken off her medication.

Beyond that, her mental capacity was fine, according to her sisters. Despite what authorities have said, their sister didn’t have a political agenda with the White House or anybody else, they said.

“She never talked badly about President Obama,” ” Amy Carey Jones said. “She was not walking around delusional, which is what we want the public to understand. She was not delusional.”

“I feel that things could have been handled a lot differently,” Carey Jones said. “And maybe there was some bit overreaction or negligence, we don’t know. We still feel that there was maybe another story than what we’re being told.

Eric Sanders, an attorney for the Carey family, joined them on TODAY and said the nation currently lives under a “siege mentality.” While the specter of terrorism weighs over many cities, “that doesn’t excuse the police behavior,” he said.

“The fact that someone may be a threat, there’s certain protocols you’re supposed to follow before you use force,” he said.


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