Reality TV is known for a lot of things: epic fights, drama, and not so saintly behavior. So when it was announced that six popular Los Angeles-area pastors would star in a new reality show, many wondered why they risk their reputations and go running into the spotlight.

For Bishop Ron Gibson, founder of Life Church Of God In Christ, the answer was simple: spread God’s word.

“After prayerful consideration, I knew that the Lord would have me to embark on this journey,” Bishop Gibson told us. “My approach is with the understanding that I am ‘on assignment’ from the Lord to be a living testimony of God’s grace, mercy, and love.

“This reality series would give me a ‘larger platform’ to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Matthew, Chapter 28: verses 19-20, which says: ‘Go ye into all the world and teach all nations…’”

Bishop Noel Jones, leader of L.A.’s City of Refuge mega-church, had a slightly different take:

“I simply wanted to reduce the iconoclastic proclivities that most church people have towards preachers,” he explained. “To help people realize that pastors are human and they are vulnerable and susceptible to the same vicissitudinous moral lapses that everyone else makes. Only God is God and there is no change in Him.”

While many will surely be critical of the preacher’s lavish lives and lucrative careers, Pastor Deitrick Haddon says he hopes the show will give people hope.

“We want to convey and hope that people will discover that we are real people with real issues in the body of Christ,” he said.  “We want to open the door of hope to imperfect people by showing our imperfections.”

Viewers will get an inside peek at the men’s lives. During the season, they’ll watch the preachers encounter personal challenges and triumphs as they maintain their roles as true community leaders.

Preachers of L.A. premieres Wednesday October 9 at 10pm on Oxygen.

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