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The Thompson sisters are definitely something to gush over.   Bre’Andria*, Cre’Andria and Dre’Andria Thompson each graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry from Norfolk State University’s Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences.

Although the sisters may look exactly alike, each have different plans for the future.  Bre’ is planning to go to medical school, Cre’ wants to go to dental school and Dre’ says she would like to attend graduate school for toxicology.

Congrats to the Thompson Triplets!



*To the silly people judging them for their names…Asshole much?

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  • Congrats to these lovely, rockin’ black girls. These young ladies are people, and not specimens. So let’s not analyze their names and wish them well. If Condoleeza made it as far as she did, then success is determined by far more than just a name. And it’s obvious these ladies know something about beating the odds. I hope to hear more good things from you ladies!