Trace Offers Underwear That Every Woman Can Wear

Have you ever looked at the underwear in your favorite department store and thought to yourself, this is so not me? And often times it can feel like such a struggle to find well-designed panties that either fit you correctly or don’t cost an arm and a leg for comfort? Well, two young women have decided to challenge current trends in the lingerie industry by creating their own line of underwear that is devoid of sexism, poor designs, and high prices. Meet Trace.

IMG_4199.largeAccording to the founders, Alexis and Jasmine, Trace is a company that creates underwear for women of all ages, body types, and races. Their goal is to create underwear that is both comfortable and affordable.

“Currently the market is dominated by a few different distributors…but they offer super limited sizing …and there are many people who don’t fit in those sizes,” Alexsis says in the company’s Kickstarter campaign video. “Basically they either market to you like you’re a tween with rhinestones and neon underwear or you can get plastic bagged granny panties at a department store.”

“We feel that everyone wants to feel good, look good, and feel good about how they are spending their money so we want to offer people a product where a daughter, a mother, and grandmother can go shopping together and feel good about what they are buying.”

Trace plans to use a San-Francisco based workshop to produce the samples for their first product: a classic black cotton thong and bikini in six different sizes. The underwear will feature breathable stretch cotton and no tight elastic bands – all for under $10.  The women behind the new brand also have considered how they can engage women throughout the entire creation process for their product by keeping fair labor practices in mind.

“When we say ethical production, we’re doing a political project for women meaning there will not be single woman exploited,” Alexsis says. The company has a transparent production process and plan to pay fair wages to all individuals involved with getting their idea to market.

Trace eventually plans to introduce more cuts, colors, sizes and materials to the lingerie line as the company expands. Their biggest hope, though, is to have a disruptive impact on the underwear market.

To support their mission or to learn more, visit their Kickstarter campaign or the Trace company website.

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