The assault on Trayvon Martin’s humanity continues. People continue to disrespect the slain unarmed teen even in death, and the latest offenders are two white teenagers who dressed up as Trayvon and his killer, George Zimmerman for Halloween.

One teen, William Filene, wore blackface and a hoodie with a blood stain on the chest for his Trayvon Martin costume. The other, George Cimeno, wore a “Neighborhood Watch” t-shirt and made a gun sign with his fingers to emulate George Zimmerman. The two went to extremes to make light of death, racism and the fails of our justice system as George Zimmerman was found not guilty for shooting Trayvon Martin in the heart and killing him.

Before dressing up, George Cimeno said his costume would be “the best of the year.” He later defended negative comments about it, calling the costume “hilarious.” Caitlin Cinemo, who is pictured in the middle, posted the picture on her Facebook and Instagram pages, describing it as “just for fun” and a “joke.”

She has since changed the name on her profiles and made them private. A past post of Caitlin Cinemo’s was uncovered in which she criticized a little girl’s “Black Girls Rock” t-shirt:


Isn’t America grand?

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