You really can’t expect much from a campus organization that had Senator Rand Paul as a former member.  University of Texas’ chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas recently held a bake sale on campus. Not just any bake sale, but one that charged customer’s based on their race, all to prove why affirmative action is so horrible.

Lorenzo Garcia, the group’s president, said he wanted to demonstrate that affirmative action is “demeaning to minorities” and creates “reverse discrimination.”

But the university’s administration isn’t too pleased about the bake sale. Gregory J. Vincent, the university vice president for diversity and community engagement, called the bake sale “inflammatory and demeaning,” as well as “deplorable.”

“The choice of a tiered pricing structure creates the misperception that some students either do not belong at the university or do not deserve to have access to our institution — or worse, that they belong or deserve only to a certain degree,”Vincent said in a statement. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

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I’m not even going to state the obvious.

The irony of their sad attempt at satire is the fact that Garcia, is a minority himself.  Those same affirmative action policies he’s so dead set against is probably whey he’s at the University of Texas to begin with.  But don’t tell him that, let that be our little secret. In a recent interview with Total Frat Move, Garcia waxes about his middle-class upbringing that separates him from those needy affirmative action types:

“I’m Hispanic and I come from a middle class family. I’m kind of living proof that the whole [pro affirmative action] argument is complete conjecture. If they really want equality, to quote Martin Luther King Jr., judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character, and that’s what we strive to abide by or live by, and they [liberals] are completely hypocritical about it. We’re just sick of it, so we’re just trying to prove a point, and stick it to them, to show them why they’re wrong.”

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