Remember those people giving out apples and oranges on Halloween when you were a kid? That will never be the popular choice amongst kids.  Those apples and oranges have now been replaced with tofu and B12 treats. And kids aren’t having it.

Crest and Oral-B are ok with kids eating candy, but they just want to make sure they handle their tooth brushing business afterwards. In their hilarious video, kids are presented healthier options like vegetable-flavored gummies, Nori pops and tofu ghost-mallows. Needless to say, it didn’t go over too well with the kiddies.

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  • sixfoota

    I think it was cute but I’m sure the healthy eating patrol will come in with a few choice words. But I would like to remind them that texture can play a major role in the enjoyment of food.

    • Kam

      I thought it was hilarious!! I’m totally for healthy eating but none of that stuff sounds at all appealing!
      That poor kid spit up in his space helmet! XD

  • writecause

    Some folks might not be too thrilled with the Native American costume either.

    • Kam

      Yeah, not too thrilled with the Native American costume, but not surprised either. Just another Halloween of Blackface and fake Native Americans.

    • Taryn

      Not at all. Cultural Appropriation to the max