Earlier this week we highlighted Dawn Michelle Hardy as our first She’s So Ambitious entrepreneur, so it’s àpropos to highlight the L O R I app.  L O R I stands for Lady’s Owned Resource Index and is a mobile app which finds the closest woman owned businesses to your current location.

Users can choose from 25 different categories of businesses. These include but are not limited to: Barber/Beauty, Auto, Bakery/Cafe, Club/Lounge, Laundry/Cleaners, Lodging, Restaurant, Grocery and others.

L O R I  will be partnering with local and national Women’s Chambers of Commerce with the goal of empowering women owned businesses by executing on the following 3 goals:

(1) Encouraging users to download L O R I app.
(2) Encouraging users to patronize the businesses in L O R I app.
(3) Maintaining the integrity of the information on the women owned businesses in L O R I app.

L O R I’s sole purpose is to empower women owned businesses by altering the point of purchase of potential consumers. LORI’s VP of Engineering commented: “Most purchasing decisions made in U.S. homes are made by women thus U.S. women represent the most powerful purchasing demographic in the world. It’s time that women leverage this purchasing power for the betterment of women”.

The iPhone version and the Google Android version are available now for free.

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