Racial profiling at Barneys is getting increased media attention this week, but it’s nothing new. In 2013 alone, 13 minorities were arrested for credit card fraud at Barneys stores: 10 black men, two black women, and an Asian woman.

We can only wonder how many incidents of credit card frauds by non-minorities went unchecked, and how many of these 13 suspects were actually guilty of a crime.

The police claim these suspects were arrested for good reason, and offer the fact that four pleaded guilty (seven are pending) as evidence. We’re hoping that the four who pleaded out were not coerced and are indeed in the wrong.

But even if all 13 are guilty, that fact is not an excuse nor is it a pass for the police to racially profile innocent people of color, like Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips who were legally shopping when they were discriminated against.


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