Exercise Are you finding it hard to get yourself to the gym? This time of year can be potent for weight watchers as yummy foods with high calories abound during the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to burn extra calories throughout the day. Here are three ways that you can fit exercise into your daily schedule.

1. Shine and Grind: Does seeing a ton of people at the gym after work hours make you want to turn around and run screaming? Very crowded gyms often lead to drop-offs in membership rates at some facilities because patrons are not fans of having to wait to use the pull-up machine or being eyeballed every second they are on the elliptical. To avoid overcrowding, head to the gym when very few people are there: in the morning. If you can muster getting up early before work you’ll find that exercise earlier in the day will give you the energy boost you need to sustain a long work day.

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