tkoHomeschooling is looking like a better option every day, especially when you have teachers playing Mike Tyson’s “Punchout” on kids. 12-year-old Reginald Wells says he was in the hallway chatting with the assistant teacher and made a joke about the teacher’s football team and next thing he knows he was blindsided. In an interview with 12 News, Wells said he even lost consciousness.

“All of a sudden he just hit me, in my shoulder… and I looked at him like ‘what the heck?'”

That’s when Reginald retaliated by pushing the teacher’s shoulder. And that’s when he got punched in the face. Weighing in at only 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 80 pounds, Reginald was rendered unconscious for a few seconds.
“The left side of my face was numb… my lip hurt… my head was hurt, like it had been shaken.”

Reginald’s mother, Adrianne, received an even more damaging report from the principal and another teacher.

“(The principal) said Reginald was punched, in the shoulder, and then hit two times and uppercut, and then slid across the floor,” Adrianne said. “It weighed heavy on my heart, because I’ve never put my hands on my son.”

The teacher was eventually fired on the spot and escorted from the school, but not before he was able to speak to Reginald.

“He said ‘I can’t apologize for what I did, I was just having a bad day and I just snapped.'”

Adrianne plans on filing police charges and is also seeking legal representation.

7th-Grade Student Knocked Out By Teacher Texas

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