Earlier this year Abercrombie & Fitch’s Chief Executive Mike Jeffries  stirred up controversy by suggesting the company’s clothes were made for “cool” and “attractive” kids and not for “fat” people. Well A&F is now doing some back peddling because the company is currently struggling financially. A&F shares closed down 14 percent at $33.13 on Wednesday after the company reported a seventh quarterly fall in same-store sales in a row and warned of a tough holiday season.

In a way to boost it’s bottom-line, A&F plans on expanding its women’s tops collection, offer larger sizes and more colors, and start selling shoes.

“We recognize that our businesses have been and will continue to be disrupted by both fast fashion and pure play e-commerce competitors,” said Leslee Herro, A&F’s head of planning and allocation, at an analyst briefing on Wednesday.

A&F aims to have a wider range of clothes in place by spring and have shoes and other accessories in place by the next summer’s “back-to-school” season. In a competition with its competitors such as H&M and Forever 21, A&F is one of the last retailers to jump on the larger size bandwagon.

Well Mike Jeffries, it looks like these “fat” people will actually help you in the long run.

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  • lola289

    [email protected] THEM!!! #fin

  • God has a sense of humor! Ha!

  • LaPetiteReine

    wouldn’t buy their overpriced glamrags even if I was thin and cool

  • rochelle

    I never have and never will shop at A&F their clothe are ugly and bland I feel as if their clothe are for ppl who have no sense of fashion and cant really put together a “poppin” outfit… if I want a preppy look ill go to Banana Republic,Ralph Lauren..hell ill even wear some Tommy Hilfiger before I plummet to the level of A&F
    He said only “cool & and attractive ppl” are supposed to wear A&F that’s really funny bc the only time I ever see A&F on someone its usually a sloppy ass redneck wearing it with their redneck camo jackets and their redneck hunting boots and there is nothing remotely attractive or cool about the way they look, dress or smell…. If I were to be subjected to wear A&F clothing I would have to be as a form of punishment bc there is no way my fat ass would ever want to downgrade my style and fashion sense….

  • LaPetiteReine

    couldn’t agree more rochelle