“The Best Man Holiday” topped the box office on Friday, outperforming the reigning #1 movie, “Thor: The Dark World,” with a $10.7 million opening night. “Thor,” which was projected to end on top on Friday, fell slightly behind “The Best Man,” at $10.4 million.

The superhero film took the number one spot at the end of the weekend, with $38.5 million, which isn’t surprising as it’s in 1,817 more theaters than “Best Man Holiday,” and many of those theaters are 3D and Imax.

The big story at the box office, however, is that “The Best Man Holiday” exceeded the low expectations set by movie critics, ending the weekend with an outstanding $30.5 million. That’s way ahead of projections, which were about $20 million. This translates to a big win for Universal, given the movie’s modest $17 million budget.

It’s a bigger win for black Hollywood as it finally communicates to the powers-that-be that audiences will come out in droves to support quality films with a stellar all-black cast. We’ve known all along that there’s a market for well-written movies featuring black actors and maybe the success of “The Best Man Holiday,” touted as a “box office shocker” will serve as a wake up call to the powers-that-be.

If you haven’t seen “The Best Man Holiday” yet, are you planning to catch the film while it’s in theaters? Head over here to discuss in our Open Thread. And check out 5 reasons you should see the film here.


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