This week, the Black Student Union at University of Michigan launched an awareness campaign on Twitter so other minority students can share their experiences at the university.

#BBUM is now one of the top-trending hashtags on Twitter.

“We [want] to share unique black experiences, things that black students go through every day. Things that happen to us. Things that are overlooked,” said U-M student Tyrell Collier, BSU speaker.

“The hope is to make the university more aware of what black students go through.”

The BSU thought the hashtag would be a good way to raise awareness, especially after the “Hood Ratchet” party organized by the Theta Xi fraternity. Hood Ratchet Thursdays received tons of backlash online and on campus, and also led to the fraternity’s temporary suspension.

Students started tweeting using the #BBUM hashtag at noon Tuesday, and haven’t stopped since. Collier said the BSU is planning other events on campus where minorities can also express their feelings publicly.

“This is definitely not the end. We’re trying to build momentum and keep the momentum going.” Collier said.


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  • Brad

    I am glad these students are being proactive and productive about the whole thing.

    But, that being said I am just happy I was fortunate enough to be able to leave that kind of foolishness from white folks back in high school when I went off to college. I mean it was like a vacation from all of that, in the years I was at Tuskegee.

    Unless of course we went to the mall or movies in Auburn that is ;-)

  • being the only black person in class, and having other races look at you to be the spokesperson whenever black history is brought up.

    I relate to this very much being that I went to do majority white colleges and I wasn’t an over talkative person in class so it made me nervous. Even in African American studies classes where I thought like a fool it would be full of black students or majority black students.

  • chinaworld

    How about I had ZERO Black people in my classes at U of M (Was on a serious Chinese track). #BBUM