We all knew it was coming. “Ratchet” has replaced “ghetto” as the go-to word for all things gawdy. And mainstream retailers are churning out accessories to match faster than you can say Trinidad James.

The latest brand to cash in on the ratchet trend is Forever 21 with a $7 chain-link necklace, much like the nameplates of the ’90s. But instead of a name, it reads “Ratchet.” They’re calling it “street chic.”

Can we really blame them, though? Lady Gaga and Beyonce both wore Ratchet hoop earrings and posted their curious fashion choices on Instagram.


It was only a matter of time before trendy stores caught on.

So here’s the real question: would you ever be caught dead wearing this?


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  • justanotheropinion

    What do you expect from the ‘Dollar Store’?

  • Tori

    Why any woman think it’s cute to proclaim themselves ratchet is beyond me. I assume Beyonce & Lady Gaga did it ironically for shock value as celebrities tend to do. However, that gets interpreted by weak minds as being the hot thing.

    If I see a girl walking down the street with anything that says
    “ratchet”, I’m avoiding her and judging lol.