Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of TLC has been riding the wave of publicity after the airing of VH1’s biopic “Crazy Sexy Cool”. Unfortunately not all publicity is good publicity, especially when it targets someone’s child.

Last week, Chilli’s son, Tron, was the subject of a MediaTakeOut.com post stated they were shocked he was out on a date with a girl. Previous MediaTakeOut (MTO) posts about Tron also made fun of his choice of clothing and his hair. The posts were similar to MTO’s posts about Jaden Smith and other child celebrities they deem “different”.

In response to the attack on her son, Chilli started a Chang.org petition asking the media to leave children of celebrities alone. 

Chilli’s petition reads:

Recently my son was targeted negatively by popular gossip site MediaTakeOut.com. I can’t describe the anger I felt at my son being ridiculed continuously by MediaTakeOut.com for no other reason than the fact that he’s my son. MediaTakeOut.com has posted numerous false stories about me, and other celebrity friends of mine and while I don’t like it, I realize that is a part of what comes with celebrity. However when my 16-year-old son is being attacked, that is when I take off the celebrity hat and become the protective Mother that I am, and I know many of you are.

Adults have the mental capacity to deal and prioritize. Most importantly my son had no choice in who his mother was just like many other celebrity kids do not.  It isn’t fair that our children have to deal with cyber bullying because of the career choice of their parents. Anyone under the age of 18 should not be ridiculed or targeted by MediaTakeOut.com or any other website.

Chilli’s petition also goes on to address bullying:

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power. It can include verbal harassment, physical assault or coercion and may be directed repeatedly towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability. Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that occurs via text message, email, social media, websites, blogs, and other virtual outlets. Therefore, anyone with an opinion can now use technology to attack, intimidate or harass children. With approximately 52% of students who reported being cyber bullied, everyone’s kids are at risk.

Kids who experience bullying are more likely to experience mental health issues that effect their ability to sleep, eating patterns, loss of interest in activities, health complaints, and decreased academic achievement. These issues can continue to persist in the victim through adulthood. In a minimal number of cases targets of bullying may deal retaliate by using extreme violence. For instance, 12 out of the 15 school shooters in the 1990s were victims of bulling. Victims of bullying are also 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

Soon after the Change.org petition went “live”, in a move that doesn’t happen to often on MTO, Fred Mwangaguhunga, CEO and founder of Mediatakeout, released a public apology and stated that he’d rectify the situation and figure out who was behind the post. 

“As many of you are aware, MediaTakeOut.com has a strict policy against criticizing children, whether children of celebrities or otherwise, wrote Fred. ” It’s not clear how an article that clearly violated our stated policy was published, but rest assured that I will get to the bottom of it. I plan to take action against the MTO staffer who wrote the article, and put in place additional safeguards to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Our sincere apologies go out to Tron, Chili, his family and anyone else that were offended by our comments.”

The posts about Tron have now been removed. But lets see how long before other posts about children are up on MTO.

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