Cory Alexander HaywoodDear Cory Alexander Haywood,

While we are certain that you are basking in the attention that you have received your unfortunate and misguided assault on Black women, we at Clutch don’t feel the need to dignify your thoughts with a rebuttal because, well, they were ridiculous. While the idea that Black women should go seek love in the form of White men en masse is silly, you appointing yourself as the spokesperson for White men might be sillier. You would do well to spend your time removing the foot of White supremacy off of the necks of Black men—and the Black community at large—as opposed to berating Black women as a whole because of your frustration over a small number of women who have expressed their desire to seek love elsewhere.

However, we do urge you to seek therapy for your issues with Black women. From the original article, to your new piece (with those bizarre illustrations) and the video dedicated to your “haters,” one might worry that you are a bit unbalanced. For someone who claims to have only had healthy relationships with Black women, the vitriol with which you speak of us tells a very different tale.

While “professional hater of Black women” may seem like a lucrative career in the era of blog stars and social media relationship gurus, you lack the charisma and the ability to even try and tuck your bitterness in order to peddle your “advise” as anything other than abuse. Furthermore, we are inclined to say that you probably would do best to take your talents elsewhere. If you dislike Black women so much, you can go. There is the door, no one is stopping you—and no one is here for your ridicule, either.

Best of luck,


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