Poor customer service? We think yes!

When Candis Doss, a 25-year-old woman from Detroit, attempted to rent a party bus for her mother’s birthday from the Detroit Limo Party Bus company, she received a harsh text message in return, Fox 2 reports. She had called the company while driving when her call dropped. But before she could call the company back, she received a text message from them that read:

“Why do black people always just hang up…Is it an inherited thing to be rude? or is it because you were slaves for so long?”—WWW.DetroitLimoPartyBus.com

Fox 2 contacted the limo company; they said they would look into the issue.

Doss told the news station that she had never dealt with racism before.

“It never happened to me, or somebody that was just close to me, where I could feel what they feel. I feel what everybody feels now, I mean, it’s just like – when is it gonna stop?”

The company did agree to offer Doss a free limo for her mother’s birthday.

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