When I was younger the last thing I was interested in was boys, well at least not in that way. I had a ‘boyfriend,’ but in junior high school our ‘relationship’ consisted of us playing football in the school yard during recess. For the most part I was as a child should be, young and having fun. One day my friends and I gathered near the back of the school yard and decided we would play truth or dare. I had never played before and was just curious as to what it was so I went along. We went around daring each other to do the silliest things until somebody decided to get all grown up.

“Dee. I dare you to kiss Joshua”

I spent a second or two scared and totally confused. I had only kissed my boyfriend Chris once and it was purely by accident. (No really, we both turned to call each other and were standing so close that when our heads turned we “kissed”. But voluntarily kiss…never.) I had no idea what to do, but never one to admit my inexperience; I acted like I knew all about the kissing game and stepped up to the plate. I mean this was Joshua! He wasn’t as sexy as my honey, but he was a looker nonetheless and damn near every girl in the school wanted him and those that didn’t want him only didn’t because they had dated him at some point. I was ready…lips don’t fail me now!

Joshua and I stood eye to eye and prepared to meet our school yard destiny. He leaned in and kisses me. The crowd went wild. I could hear my bestie hollering in my ear and I knew she was going to have a million questions later on in class. It felt like an eternity, but in reality it only lasted about one minute. I had made it. I survived my first intentional kiss and with the second cutest boy in the school at that. I thought I was a grown woman now and I dared anyone to tell me otherwise.

Then, what started out as a mild euphoria changed in an instant when I felt a strange feeling come over me. I started to feel hot and my knees started to feel weak. My head started to feel light and everything seemed to be slowing down. I looked a smiling Joshua in the eyes and saw his lips moving, but I swear I couldn’t hear him. I opened my mouth to respond when it happened…

I threw up on his shoes.

Not just a little throw up. Big, huge, honking chunks of throw up. All. Over. His. Shoes. My bestie grabbed me, after joining in a collective groan of “Ewwwwwww” with the crowd, and whisked me off through the side entrance of the yard and into the girls’ bathroom. She helped me get myself together and then left to tell everyone I was okay. Once I fully composed myself I headed out of the bathroom. Waiting for me against the wall was Chris. He had a disgusting smirk on his face. He touched my cheek and asked if I was okay.

“Yea, I’m alright. I can’t believe I threw up.”

He chuckles “I can believe it”

“And what does that mean?”

“It means your body knows you were kissing the wrong person”

“Oh please! Whatever!”

I gave him a playful shove and started to head back outside to the school yard when Chris suddenly grabbed my arm. He turned me around, pulled me close and kissed me. I’m talking bodies pressed together, tongue down throat kissed me. My body felt like it was floating on something higher than air. When it was over we stood there looking at each other for what felt like forever. Finally Chris turned to run back outside and get in his last few minutes of play before the bell rang, but before he ran completely out the door he stopped, turned to me and said

“See….no throw up”
Do you remember your first real kiss?

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