In a recent meeting of the minds, Don Lemon invited Orville Llyod Douglas to appear on his weekend show. Guardian columnist Orville Lloyd Douglas, recently wrote the article “Why I Hate Being a Black Man,” which received quite an interesting response from the internet. 

In the interview Douglas noted how different his experiences are being a black Canadian.

“There are less than 1 million blacks in Canada. Canada is a very Eurocentric country,” Douglas said. “When you grow up in a country where you don’t see a lot of positive images about black people, it does affect you.

Orville also went on to speak about how Canadians, even though are from various backgrounds, still find it hard to discuss race.

“Canadians are very uncomfortable talking about race,” he added, especially since he wasn’t able to find a newspaper willing to publish his piece. “Canada engenders this mythology that we don’t have problems with racism. I actually think the United States is more progressive in the sense that in America people are not afraid to talk about race.”

Although Don Lemon commended him for his bravery, and to stay authentic, he also added a few words of advice.

“Don’t let anyone define who you are, what is authentic, what is black for you. You are who you are. Don’t let black people decide for you, don’t let white people decide for you, don’t let the news, don’t let the headlines, don’t let the negativity,” Lemon said. “Be who you are, love who you are, but you should actually learn to love being black.”

Hi pot. Meet kettle.

Ironically enough, Lemon did not ask if Douglas sagged his pants, or if he’s ever been a victim of stop and frisk.  At the end of the interview (9:20 mark) Orville did acknowledge  Clutch commenters, y’all meanies!

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  • Hmm, Don Lemon didn’t agree with him? Interesting…


    Its a very Euro country why not move to Africa, or Haiti, or Jamaica many look like him there. But sounds like he is dealing with depression.

  • V

    I live in Toronto and I understand how blackness and racism can be constructed differently here versus the U.S. Howeverrrr thats besides the point of the article he wrote! He used these national differences as a clutch in the interview and didnt really explain his self hate. He tried to say he hates the stereotypes of black men in Canada, but if you understand these are merely stereotypes, where does your self hate stem from? In his article he stated in one way or another how could anyone everrr think black is beautiful, and how he hates his big lips and wide nose, He wasnt using stereotypes or Canadian differences, he was hating on his black features! This interview was bull****

  • Pablo

    I don’t agree with him completely but I think he has a point. Black people here in Canada are self-loathing, especially the women, and society is in large part to blame for that. It’s ironic, you’ll see these white, asian, indian kids consuming rap music, wearing jordan’s, their general fashion sense is certainly inspired by (black) rappers and the whole hip-hop culture, yet still they are all very prejudice!

    I’ve only lived here two years, but in that space of time I’ve had moments of hate, not towards myself, but towards black people because I felt I’m a decent fellow who is being discriminated against because of my skin colour. Thankfully I’ve been strong & smart enough to realize that isn’t the solution or remedy and that I should not fight fire with fire. People just have hate in their hearts and there is nothing you can do about it. You simply adjust, go about living your life.

    It’s not just black people btw, Asians are also discriminated against. It makes me believe that white people are just hateful in their attempt to maintain themselves in their position of power. They’ll use gun violence in Toronto, for example, to justify their hate towards blacks, but what about Asians? they are too clever? eyes are too closed for their liking…? I just don’t get it.