When you think of women what type of words come to mind? For some people it’s some pretty not so nice things.

The UN Women Google auto-complete campaign revealed that popular terms related to women were extremely negative. They included phrases such as:

“Women shouldn’t have rights”, “women cannot be trusted”, and “women cannot speak in church.”

Even worse terms come up for “feminists”.

Elizabeth Plank and some other feminists along with some other feminists decided to re-imagine the project by creating a world in which people did not hate women. They rendered their own Google search terms to say:

“Feminists want to have equality.”

“Feminists should be heard.”

“Feminists should live without fear.”

These kind phrases are not only feminists’  attempts at fighting for women, but rather a way to prove that now is the time to start flipping negative stereotypes into catalytic moments of girl power.

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