Killing For Coats?



Last week a Bryant Park ice rink shooting  left one person injured and another possibly paralyzed all because the shooter wanted the victim’s Biggie parka.

The highly coveted parka, which is actually called a “Marmot Mammouth”, usually costs between $700 and $800.  Last year Marmot Mountain LLC, the manufacturer of the coat, discontinued production of the coat, for undisclosed reasons.  The coat recently went on sale at Paragon Sports for as low as $200. But the sports retailer has removed the item from their shelves because of the recent shooting.

Paragon Sports employees told the NY Post that they thought the coat’s big pockets were appealing for buyers to stash guns and drugs in.

“They sold really well, but the company didn’t want to be associated with that,” one worker said. “We put the rest on sale to move them out. Paragon doesn’t want to affiliate itself with an item that’s going to cause violence.”

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