A Brooklyn man says he was forced to rap for NYPD cops in order to get out of an arrest. He says the officers told him if his rap wasn’t good enough they wouldn’t let him go.

Quinshon Shingles claims Officer David Grieco and Detective Joseph Patton said during a warrantless search of his aunt’s apartment that they would only remove the handcuffs if he spit “hot” rhymes.

“They said, ‘Let me hear something, let me hear you rap, and if it’s good enough, we’ll let you go,’” Shingles, 27, told the Daily News. “I started rapping and they liked it, so they said, ‘You know what, get him out of the handcuffs,’” Shingles said. “I was probably rapping for about a minute before they let me go.”

“I felt like the old days, slavery. Like dance for the master, dance and sing for the master. It just messed me up inside,” Shingles said.

Shingles says his lawsuit isn’t about money. It’s about doing what’s right. “This is about me being able to tell my story so this won’t happen to another kid. This is outrageous. This is very disrespectful,” Shingles said.  A police spokesman says the department has no comment because the litigation is pending.

Lawyer Wale Mosaku said his client came forward after The News exclusively reported in July that Grieco and six other cops from the 75th Precinct in East New York are under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau for a host of allegations — including illegal searches of apartments and stealing jewelry and cash — dating to July 2011. Grieco has also been named in at least 12 lawsuits in federal and state courts alleging civil rights violations, including two filed this month. The city has paid at least $114,000 to settle three of the cases, according to court records.

Meantime, “Sauce Da Boss” who raps about the struggles of growing up, says he may now have a whole new struggle to rap about.

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