If you hadn’t realized it yet, Macy’s allegedly has a lengthy history of racial profiling. According to a lawsuit filed in 2010, security guards at Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City had a quota of five “arrests” per week, and store security personnel identified non-white shoppers using different codes. Plaintiff Ayla Gursoy, a Turkish immigrant, says she was detained and arrested while shopping at the Macy’s Herald Square store.

Gursoy’s lawsuit alleges that African-American men were referred to as “10-90s” and black women as “10-91s” among store security personnel. Apparently the code was created by Macy’s “to facilitate its targeting of Middle Eastern, African-American/black and other nonwhite shoppers,” the suit stated.

Gursoy, who is Muslim, said she was detained and arrested while shopping in the Herald Square store on Sept. 18, 2010. The charges against her were later dismissed. In a deposition provided by her attorney, store detective Brenda Howard acknowledged five “arrests” per week was the target for security workers, according to the suit.

One can only guess how many other lawsuits have been filed against Macy’s.

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