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Recently, we stumbled upon a comment on another site where a young lady stated that Black women don’t typically use tampons until after losing our virginity or becoming adults. She claimed that our mothers typically encourage us to use maxipads instead. While some of us thought that was kind of crazy, others said it rang true. This led the Clutch team to wonder how common our some of our experiences are and how different the others may be. The result?

“Let Me Ask You a Question,” Clutch’s new weekly series dedicated to exploring the multifaced experiences of Black girl life in a fun, irreverent way.


So let me ask you our first question: Do you smoke weed?

I get high. And I’m not ashamed to say it (from behind the comfort of a pseudonym, of course). And for all of those folks clutching their virtual pearls reading this, there’s a group of the same size nodding their head in affirmation.

My first joint was a magnificent revelation, one I experienced my freshman year in college. I was itching to experiment in high school, but my homegirls who were bad enough to sip Cisco and Seagrams in the parking lot during homecoming demurred when it came to chiefing. The boys would ask who wanted to join the cipher and I’d be dying to be like “Me!” But, alas, I chilled for the sake of not being “that girl.” Ugh.

But my first week on campus revealed something. “Those girls” were everywhere: in student government, stomping the yard with their sorors, getting the good internships and doing all types of respectable collegiate woman stuff. And thanks to a super cool senior from my hometown who took me under her wing, I was chiefing right along with them.

A decade and change later, I’ve smoked and purchased a enough trees to populate a small forest. For the uninitiated, forget everything you’ve heard on rap records or seen in movies like “Half Baked.” Your average recreational pot smoker does not start scratching like Tyrone Biggums when she can’t get her hands on some herb. I’ve gone weeks, months without smoking. And I don’t have those marathon 5 blunt sessions that dudes brag about. A shared L (joint) or a few rounds in my pretty glass bowl and I’m good. And though I’ve graduated from that “Reggie Bush” (cheap stuff), I also don’t need no technicolor haze or “death,” as Katt Williams famously joked about, to get lifted.

I’m lucky enough to work in a field that doesn’t mandate drug testing—though I once did and learned that the potion at the Afrocentric herbal store does, in fact, work. And, as I learned at our company holiday party three years ago, I’m not hardly the only person in my diverse office who gets down. In fact, I wouldn’t have known that had my 40-something White, married-with-kids boss not said “Who needs a little Christmas tree?” I almost died, from both the shock and the quality! White professionals smoke better weed than your cousin Marcus, #factsonly.

My habit has never impacted my school or professional productivity. It’s like drinking: something I can do when I have time to be on recreational mode with no obligations. The men I’ve dated have been a mixed bag of smokers, former smokers and “Oh, I’d never” type cats. I never lie, but I will admit that I’ve taken breaks to date herbs (heh heh) who can’t really wrap their brains around it, but I tend to find that we’re incompatible for some other reason. For me, weed is an aphrodisiac, but one that leaves me…how do I put this…more equipped to receive than give. So it’s typically something I’d do with a steady boo as opposed to someone new.

As states begin to decriminalize and make medicinal Mary Jane legal, I do hope that we’ll arrive at a point where weed is without stigma and available for responsible adult consumption. You can kill yourself with cigarettes and trans fats, you can drink to your liver’s malcontent…you should be able to light a spliff in the comfort of your own home. In the meantime, I will continue to indulge discreetly. If you’re high-curious after reading this, just be sure to find a trusted source, and an experienced smoker to light up with you. Pace yourself and enjoy!


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