On the heels of several threatened boycotts and racial profiling lawsuits, several high end retailers will meet next week to discuss what can be done about “shopping while black”.  Acccording to WWD,  the forum will be cohosted by the Retail Council of New York State and the New York Metropolitan Retailing Association with representatives  from both Barneys and Macy’s as well as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor.

“Barneys New York has worked closely with Rev. Al Sharpton, Marc Morial [chief executive officer of the National Urban League] and The Retail Council of New York State to make sure that all key retailers are represented at the Nov. 22 event, including personally inviting many of the attendees. The retail council meeting is an important first step to addressing a serious problem in our industry,” said Charlotte Blechman, executive vice president of marketing and communications at Barneys.

So I guess it takes boycotts and lawsuits for people to pretend to attempt to fix a problem? Just in case you want to attend protest, it will take place at the  Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church at 7 West 55th Street, from 9am-1pm.





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  • I never thought I’d see the day when “color & shopping” are dangerous…SMDH

  • how bout we boycott their racist asses?

  • Anna

    They can have all the meetings and councils they want, I will not be shopping in any of their stores. I just think they’re trying to do damage control because of the upcoming holiday season.

  • Beauty_in_Grace

    I once did a little research on shoplifters and they are mostly white women between the ages of 18-24. They are not black at all. What I find interesting is that if these stores want to stop shoplifters shouldn’t they figure out who the shoplifters actually are?

    I would think that this was more important than following around random black people, while random white people steal things. They are losing merchandise and customers at the same time!