The Best Man Holiday

Unlike the millions of people who ran to the movie theater this weekend to see The Best Man Holiday, I unfortunately didn’t see it.

No, it wasn’t because 3 out of 4 of the male cast members aren’t married to black women.  But I did find it interesting to read that’s the reason some women didn’t see it. But tell me how does that work? Is it only applied to black people who star in movies, or white people as well? I mean, I could totally live a life of only watching Robert DeNiro movies, but yeah, that would mean I’d have to give up my Harry Potter movies. That would also mean no more Alfre Woodard movies for me either.

But anyways,  Saturday night, every showing at BOTH theaters in my town were sold out. It was this that propelled the movie past  Thor (which I had to see instead…I love me some Loki..Thor? Meh, not so much) grossing over $30 million domestically.

According to Deadlinewho referred to the movie as an “urban” comedy, thanks to these numbers, it won’t take another 14 years for another sequel. Malcolm D. Lee is negotiating a deal with Universal to write, direct and produce another installment of The Best Man. Can we say trilogy?

Back to this “urban” comedy thing.  Since I didn’t see the movie, and can only go off the original, I’m quite sure there’s nothing “urban” about it.  The characters are quite bourgie if you ask me. But I guess anything with a  black cast is “urban”. I guess they missed out on the whole “race-themed” debacle. Or just figured “urban” was more apropos.


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  • lynn

    Haha, I was the one who made the “3 out of 4 black men” comment in the last Best Man thread, so I’m cracking up to find that my quote made its way into this new Clutch article. Anyhoo, I’m GLAD this movie did well at the box office — even though I have no desire to see it myself — if only because that will hopefully make it that much easier for someone else’s “black-themed” movie to get made in the future. And not just Tyler Perry movies or movies about racism or slavery (although I enjoy those too) or yet another biopic. Would LOVE to see a zombie movie starring a houseful of embattled black folks, or a teen comedy set at a black summer camp, or a love story (not a romcom) between two middle-aged black people (age diversity is a good thing too), or a black buddy road movie. . . . anything basically besides the same old thing!

  • Miss A

    I don’t think it’s fair to boycott the movie because most of the brothas are married to women of other races. Isn’t Malcolm Lee black? What about super fine Morris who has a beautiful sista for a wife who he always talks about and love dearly? What about the sistas in the movie and their possible love of brothas? Don’t get me wrong…I am not a Taye Diggs fan but I truly believe love is colorblind as long as brothas dont degrade and disrespect us in the process. I love the role Terrence Howard plays even though his personal life is in a shambles, but is it fair to only support blacks that have a perfect life and marries within the race? I saw the movie and loved it! But I do think Malcome needs to wait before doing another sequel…part of the joy of this movie is the years the characters had to build their lives and storyline.

    • SayWhat

      I don’t think it’s fair that I’m asked to support men who openly degrade me. Why should I put my self-esteem to the side for the sake of the ‘community’? If you want my financial support, then you have to respect me, period, end of ……..and no amount of shaming will change that.

  • Sandy248

    Interesting article. I admit that I wasn’t that impressed with the first one and I can’t bring myself to plunk down money for something with Taye Diggs in it. There’s no law that says a black man has to marry a black woman and there’s no law that says I have to plunk down money for a movie just because it has a black man in it.

  • ruggie

    Best Man Holiday more than pulled its weight up on that screen. It was an emotional rollercoaster, funny but with heart. Loved it, glad I saw it.

  • @shell

    Did she elaborate more about the argument?