Although Walmart is currently public enemy number 1, many forget about public enemy number 2. McDonald’s was recently labeled the second worst company in the U.S. And the recent uncovering of a employee resource site isn’t making the company look any better.

According to a video by advocate group “Low Pay Is Not OK,” the company’s advice on their “McResource” site includes “breaking food into pieces” to feel full on less food, singing away their stress, and taking two vacations to help decrease their risk of heart attack. It also suggests employees return unopened holiday gifts they may not need, or sell them, for some “quick cash.” That “breaking food into pieces” vaguely sounds like the habits of people who suffer from certain eating disorders.

Take a look at the video:

McDonald’s claims the advice was taken out of context, telling NBC the video is an attempt to undermine a “well intended employee assistance resource.”

“The McResource website has helped countless employees by providing them with a variety of information and resources on topics ranging from health and wellness to stress and financial management,” the company said.

“The website also includes some rotating “quick tips” and while we recognise that some of these could be taken out of context, the vast majority of the resources and information on the site are based on credible outside experts and well-published advice.”

Between Walmart and McDonald’s, I’m not sure who to shake my head at the hardest.

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  • Color me not surprised. Companies like McDonald’s and Walmart don’t care about employees. They are all about the bottom line, period.

  • K

    I am so not making light…. but when i see this mere days after that walmart mess all that came to my mind was THIS CANT BE LIFE…. I seriously just want to weep for society…i just do not understand how anyone in good conscious can run a business like this

  • Anonin

    Selling a $12 hot wheels toy is not going to pay the bills but okay….

  • J

    It probably would have been less insulting if they had just pretended there was nothing wrong at all, I mean thats basically them trying to get kudos for caring without having to lift a finger, almost seems like an over-exaggerated satire of how much a company sucks yet its true