8C9553103-hallmark_controversial_ornament-415072281_v2.blocks_desktop_smallDuring a Today Show segment about the greeting card company Hallmark coming under fire for a new Christmas ornament, the hosts wondered “Are we too PC?”

The “ugly sweater” ornament uses lyrics from the Christmas song “Deck the Halls,” but edits out the word gay and instead replaces it with “fun.”

The ornament reads, “Don we now our fun apparel,” instead of “Don we not our gay apparel,” and apparently some aren’t too happy about it.

Critics have called the edited version of the sweater “homophobic,” but the company says it meant no harm. An initial statement by Hallmark said the word “gay” could be “open to misinterpretation,” but the company later updated its statement saying it was surprised by the public’s reaction.

“We’ve been surprised at the wide range of reactions expressed about the change of lyrics on this ornament, and we’re sorry to have caused so much concern,” the statement read. “We never intend to offend or make political statements with our products and in hindsight, we realize we shouldn’t have changed the lyrics on the ornament.”

During the segment, the guests—Robert DeNiro, Kevin Klein, Michael Douglas, and Morgan Freeman—all agreed that our society is far too PC, and both Hallmark and its critics are wrong.



When asked about his thoughts on whether or not our society is too PC, Freeman said, “We have a tendency to do that. You get politically correct stuff happen that you don’t want to happen. I all of a sudden became an African. Political correctness, African American. I’m not African.”

Political correctness has pervaded our culture in the past, but the times seem to be changing. Increasingly, people are freely expressing themselves via blogs, social media, and the mainstream media. When it comes to companies, however, many are still choose the least offensive option.

But should they?

Are we too PC? If so, does it help or harm our society? 

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  • I wouldn’t be surprised if a young person that heard that line and did not know that gay ever meant “happy.” I’m in my mid 30’s and the only reason I know is because of movies that I would consider old, and people younger than me probably will never watch.

    I think Hallmark was trying not to offend anyone; how ironic that they were callled homophobic in the process. But I wonder if they would have even considered making the ornament if it had the word ‘gay’ on it. Who knows…

  • K

    i think we are too pc but i also think hallmark was trying to do the right thing because Lord knows GLAAD will be on you faster than ….. i mean but “pcness” aside (b/c i dont think this particular issues has anything to do with it) can we be honest for second?

    words change meaning all the time. from century to century, decade to decade, gay does not mean fun, happy anymore, it refers to a sexual orientation. the days are gone where gay means happy,they were just trying to find an appropriate word for the times. If they had used gay, the gay groups would have come for them sideway talking about what do you mean? you could have used another word. and for damn sure folks who consider themselves young wouldnt buy it if not gay b/c thats just the society we live in where they would be label w/ “Ooh ni&&a you gay” *in my boondocks voice*

    i think hallmark did the right thing in this instance but another aside that sweater is fugly lol and id only where it to be in one of those ugliest sweater competitions

    • Mmmgood

      I agree. What person these days says “gay” when talking about happiness? Where do we draw the line when it comes to being upset about things these days?

      P.S. it is an ugly sweater-ornament, not a real life sweater that you could actually wear.

  • Buttons

    How in the world can words on a Christmas sweater be homophobic??? First of all, the word “homophobic” is a problem in and of itself. The definition is misleading
    and it’s annoyingly overused and constantly misapplied.

    Number two, the word “gay” hasn’t meant happy in over 20 years and it is rarely ever associated with being happy. It is synonymous with being homosexual or lesbian and everybody knows that. In the gay infested society that we live in, how can anybody not know.

    The critics just want to harp on any trivial or minute opportunity they can find to put people in fear of doing- or even thinking about doing- anything that hints at opposing homosexuality. The fact that this company issued a subtle apology for their sweater is insane, because I wouldn’t have said a damn thing.